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1060 aluminium plate

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Product Introduction

Product name:1060 Aluminium sheet

1).According to the alloy composition is divided into

High purity aluminum plate rolling (by the content above 99.9 high purity aluminum)

Pure aluminum plate (ingredients made from pure aluminium rolling)

Alloy aluminum plate (composed of aluminum alloy and auxiliary, usually with aluminum and copper, aluminum and manganese, aluminum and silicon, aluminum magnesium, etc)


2).According to the thickness is divided into: (mm)

Sheet (aluminum sheet) 0.15 to 2.0

Conventional plate (aluminum sheet) 2.0 to 6.0

Medium plate (aluminum plate), 6.0 to 25.0

Plate (aluminum plate) 25-200


2. Chemical composition

Aluminum Al: allowance;Si Si: 0.25;

Copper Cu: 0.10;Magnesium Mg: 2.2 ~ 2.8;

Zinc and zinc: 0.10;Manganese Mn: 0.10;

Chromium Cr: 0.15 ~ 0.35;Iron Fe: 0.4 0.

Tensile strength (sigma b) : 170 ~ 305 mpa

Conditions to yield strength sigma (0.2 MPa) 65 or more

Modulus of elasticity (E) : 69.3 ~ 70.7 Gpa

Annealing temperature: 345 .



solar lighting lamp act the role ofing reflected ,building exterior, interior decoration, ceiling, metope, etc. ,furniture, cabinets, signs, Ming lift Aluminum plate, luggage, automotive interior and exterior decoration ,indoor decorations, such as picture frames.


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